YOU JUST KNEW IT WAS COMING! California University Normalizes Sex With Animal Fetishes

Maybe you might have wondered what took them so long, since this is just one of a long list of leftist attempts to perversely twist the culture.

California State University San Marcos is spending time and treasure to further perverse sexual fetishes by offering campus lectures on the subject.

The College Fix has the details.

The event, “Furries Vs. Pet Play,” is one among many slated as the campus marks “gAyPRIL,” billed on the school’s website as a monthlong campuswide celebration of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning and ally community.

A brief description of the 50-minute discussion, set for April 25 at the campus LGBTQA Pride Center, states on the university’s website: “How much do you know about these two groups? Do you know that they are two different fish in a pond. Come find out why in this weekday discussion.”

Online definitions of “furries” vary, but basically it’s a group of people who enjoy dressing up in human-sized animal costumes. They like to call themselves a “community” and often get together through large conventions. Not all furries turn their fascination into a sexual thing, or have sex in their costumes, but plenty do.

“Pet play,” on the other hand, is described online as a subculture within the BDSM world in which a person likes to pretend to be an animal and engages in submissive and other animal-like behaviors in part to enjoy and achieve sexual gratification. Likewise, the other person gets aroused when their partner role-plays as a pet. Sometimes people use animal tail butt plugs in this capacity to heighten their sexual enjoyment.

Maybe parents should be reconsidering sending in that next tuition check.

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