Mitt Romney Eats Crow, Grovels At The Feet Of Trump To Get The SOS Job (VIDEO)


There has been lots of speculation as to just who Trump will pick for Secretary of State. Most who voted for him really DON’T want him to pick Romney. The trust factor just isn’t there seeing as Romney took it upon himself to excoriate Trump in a vicious and vitriolic way during the primary. But ever since Trump has named Romney as a possibility, it’s just amazing how he has twisted himself into a Trump support. (Even more reason NOT to pick him, if you ask me.)

Just watch this amazing video of Romney exiting an evening dinner meeting with the President Elect. Tell me he’s the principled, honest guy who campaigned against Obama in 2012. Nobody flips like this and has a clear conscience.

While this is a far cry from an apology, he certainly is choking on the accolades he’s showering on Trump. Must have been tough to do, since he clearly hates the POTUS Elect. One has to wonder if “crow” was on the menu. There must be something very big at stake to slither so low as to grovel so profusely. Trump must be busting a gut, inside.

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