Liberal Jonathan Pie Excoriates Left: I Have No Sympathy WhatSoEver-Be A Better Candidate (VIDEO)


Jonathan Pie, a British reporter, is the alter ego of actor Tom Walker. His character, who clearly leans left, was created as an outlet to express his opinion in a comical form, on the state of affairs around the world. Pie/Walker believes comedy is funny and entertaining because of its underlying truth.

This video, however, has so much underlying truth, it’s stunning to come from a leftist perspective. Everyone should watch this video. It will be five of the most satisfying, enlightening moments of your life, as it relates to confusion and realities of the 2016 POTUS elections. Clarity just oozes from his rant.

WARNING: Language is not save for work.

PIE: Not everyone that voted for Trump is a sexist or a racist. How many times does the vote not have to go our way before we realize that our argument isn’t won by hurling labels and insults? … What next? When will we learn that the key is discussion? If you’re unwilling to discuss they you’re creating the conditions in which Donald Trump and people like him can thrive. But instead of persuading people to vote, she just courted celebrity endorsements, and then lost. What’s going on? It’s almost as if the political acumen of Beyonce and Jay Z count for nothing. And then she loses it, and loses the election and locks herself in her hotel because she was too upset, or because it never occurred to them to write a concession speech. Either way, GROW UP! I have NO SYMPATHY FOR HER, WHATSOEVER! Be a better candidate!

According to Pie, the left is responsible for the results of the election. And most of America agrees.

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