Kelloggs Leaves Breitbart Over Values Differences While Exploiting Child Labor And Hiding Nazi Sympathies

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While Kelloggs pulls its advertising from Breitbart, because their values clashed, consider this before you reach for the corn flakes. Kelloggs, that company that makes cereal for your kids, loves kids so much they use child labor to manufacture ingredients used to make that cereal.

The Guardian reported this:

Global firms behind popular brands such as Kit Kat, Colgate toothpaste and Dove cosmetics use palm oil produced by child workers in dangerous conditions, Amnesty International has claimed.

The human rights organisation traced a range of well-known products back to the palm oil company Wilmar, which it alleged employs children to do back-breaking physical labour on refineries in Indonesia.

Kelloggs recently pulled its advertising dollars from Breitbart News because they cited a conflict of vision and values. It seems that Trump’s hiring of Steve Bannon was offensive to the large food producer. But did you know that Kelloggs has a long history of far left leaning and Nazi connections?

Conservative Firing Line notes this about Kelloggs’ past.

If you weren’t already aware of the sorted history of the Kellogg Company and in particular on of its founders, E.R. Kellogg than you should be now. E.R. Kellogg was a very vocal and financial supporter of the actual Nazi Party in Germany, pre and post-World War II. He even produced videos specifically propagating “The Nazi Plan.” He was a supporter for he selected eugenics through abortion and abstinence training and a very vocal racist, even in his time, he was considered extreme. 

So perhaps the “Alt-Right” ore even just regular conservatives should consider Kellogg’s departure from them a blessing. If conservative values aren’t aligned with our values as a company, In the Kellogg Corporations mind then that’s a very good thing. The boycott on Kellogg should continue not just because of their obvious disdain for everything conservative and right leaning, but because they were founded by a Nazi Party participant and enthusiast. Who wants values that align with that?

Here’s the documentary.

The Daily Caller punctuates the fact that this entire broo-ha-ha started as Kellogg’s aversion to “hate speech.”

Kellogg’s announced Tuesday its decision to pull its ads from Breitbart News, a right-wing news outlet which is criticized for allegedly promoting offensive ideas.

“We regularly work with our media-buying partners to ensure our ads do not appear on sites that aren’t aligned with our values as a company,” Kellogg’s spokeswoman Kris Charles told Bloomberg.

It’s just so funny how these skeletons creep out of the closet when stones are cast in an attempt to maintain far left, political correctness. Do you get the feeling that the stone overturning has just begun. And does the left really want to stir up that fight?

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