Ann Wagner Runs For Her Second Of Three Terms . . .

. . . or more?

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In a drive-by appearance, at my local Pachyderm club, Ann Wagner stopped in to campaign for her second term, to a roomfull of faithful Republicans and said all the right things. “When Republicans take the Senate, we will see a turn around Obamacare, the EPA, yada, yada.” All points well received.

Campaign promises are kind of the focal point, today, as most conservatives hope to see a Republican Senate takeover. Does a Senate take over mean that Republicans will at least work to undo the damage of the last 6 years? And, in Ann’s case, will there be enough time?

In 2012 Wagner signed a pledge, by, promising to run for only 3 terms, as she proclaimed in 2012, that she would not become a career politician.

Here, on her website, is a press release of her support of Congressional term limits and screen shots, just incase the site gets scrubbed in 2018.

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Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 10.47.16 AM

The reason for my point is: when I asked the Congresswoman if she signed such a pledge, she denied it and emphatically and enthusiastically delcaired she will continue to run for her seat. While she has two terms left before she is in conflict with her 2012 promises, memories seem to be fogging over, in only 2 years. Stay tuned.

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